So, this is a new weekly meme that I’ve wanted to set up for a while and I’m actually pretty excited about getting it started. For this first one, I’m gonna be featuring a book I’ve already read, but it will change from time to time as this continues to feature books I’ve not read, books on my TBR, and books I hadn’t heard of until I picked it out for that week.

Sample Saturday is going to be pretty simple. Basically, you just go to Goodreads and read the sample (or preview) available for the book featured that week. I will also include a link here, so it should be fairly easy to find. And then, once you’ve finished, write a small blurb about the sample and what you thought of it. You don’t have to read the whole sample, of course, though I think about 20%-30% would be enough to give you an idea of what the book is like.

These books will feature YA books 90% of the time, though occasionally I might include some others.

You’ll have the rest of the week to write a review of the sample and the following Saturday, I will feature one blogger at random on my blog.

So, simply put, the rules:
  • Read 20%-30% of the sample.
  • Write a blog post with your honest opinion of the sample.
  • At the end, state whether or not you think you might read the book.
  • Tag me so I can have a look!

IMG_0443This week’s book is All Our Yesterdays by Cristin Terrill. Click here to read the sample.

loved the way this book began. I think there was something beautiful about the way that it started off giving the reader so many questions that would soon be answered and immediately made you really feel something for the main character. I was pretty engrossed from the moment I started reading and knew that I had to figure out just what was going on. It’s also deliciously dark in a horrifying kind of way that immediately brings you to empathize with Em.

Write a blog post letting me know what you thought of the sample and don’t forget to tag me! Happy reading!

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