book learnin'I wish that I’d liked Book Learnin’ by John McNamee a lot more. Part of me feels like I had high expectations for this book while another part of me feels as though it simply didn’t live up to a standard. You see this book and you expect it to be a clever collection of amusing comics regarding education and it just…wasn’t. While some pieces were clever and some were relatable, the vast majority were not and I did not find myself laughing at a single one of the comics throughout the collection. What it comes down to is that this book had one thing going for it and that was the fact that several of the comics were fairly relatable. But even that wasn’t enough to make it amazing.

The artwork was cute, but not majorly impressive. I didn’t hate the time I spent reading it, but Book Learnin’ definitely isn’t the sort of book I would ever buy for myself or reread. It’s more one of those books you pick up on the shelf of Barnes and Noble, flip through and nod at for a bit, and then ultimately leave on the shelf. I typically reserve buying books like this for the ones that make me laugh. And while Book Learnin’ isn’t terrible by any means, I just didn’t find it very funny or insightful.

I received a free copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. 


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