So, I work in education. And generally I really love it. I have to admit, though, that the online learning situation we’ve been dealing with since February has been tough. It’s only gotten worse as time goes on.

There was a brief moment, sometime around late May to early June where I ended up back at a physical location. At the time, my number one idea was to stock up on bookish masks. It seemed thoroughly appropriate for my job and I was genuinely excited to show them off. Of course, my favorite one didn’t arrive until after we were sent back to work remotely, which was disappointing.

Anyway, I figured I would share some of my favorites below; probably a little late in doing so but…

MOEEZE Reading Books Lovers, Librarian Gift-Teacher Personalized Mouth Sleeve Reusable Mouth Guard

Dndnchun Lilo & Stitch Reading Cartoon Theme Unisex Adult Outdoor Sport Cover Face Cover Washable Reusable Black

GULTMEE Mouth Scraf Face Cover Anit Dust Shield,Library Themed Cartoon with Shelves Full of Books School Study Education Print,Comfortable Carbon mask for Man and Woman

Comfortable Printed mask, Digital Illustration of Abstract Design Library in Forest Academic Themed Picture,Windproof Facial decorations for man and woman

Comfortable Printed mask, Education Themed Pattern of Bookshelves with Academic Books Globe and Big Seashell,Windproof Facial decorations for man and woman

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