the hating gameLeslie @ Books are the New Black is a pretty brilliant bookblogger and she has a rather fun About Me page that I definitely think you all should take a moment to check out. Aside from having once worked in a library and spending quite a bit of her time reading, Leslie’s also pretty into crafting and painting. And amazingly, somehow, she’s managed to get the 80% badge on NetGalley and I personally think that’s an achievement worth congratulating. So, congratulations! I’ve been trying to get that badge for ages and can never seem to resist requesting too many books.

It’s nice to see a reviewer who feels the same way I typically do about romance books. They’re always one of those things that leaves me feeling tentative, uncertain whether or not I would find it enjoyable and concerned that it just won’t be for me. Therefore, I’m pretty hesitant about reading any of them. But I’m excited to be featuring Leslie’s review for The Hating Game by Sally Thorne, a book that probably falls into your typical hate to love trope. This trope though has a tendency to be rather catching and not only was it Leslie’s first read of the year, but it was also one that she really enjoyed reading.

“…I am not typically a romance reader. So, I become really hesitant when I see them being talked about. I had so much trouble getting off the wait list at the library for this one. I finally got it and opened it up. I read this in one day…”

Please take a bit of time out of your day to drop by Leslie’s blog and give her some well-deserved support for a fantastic blog and a great review! Happy reading, everyone.

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