the little shop of happily ever afterI am a huge fan of Jen @ Bookworm and her amazing blog. And up to this current moment in time, I had no idea that her blog’s name was inspired by a knitted bookworm that her sister gave her. I can’t help finding that utterly beautiful. Jen is like many of us, a massive book lover who probably spends too much (read: not enough) time reading and then goes and rants to the world (read: whoever will read) about it. One thing I absolutely adore about Jen, though, is the fact that she loves Carlos Ruiz Zafon, because his books are amazing and I’m so thrilled to have that fact in common with her. Also, like many of us, Jen hopes to be published one day.

I chose to feature Jen’s review for The Little Shop of Happily Ever After by Jenny Colgan largely because I fell in love with how she describes Jenny Colgan’s books. I’ve never read anything by Colgan, but Jen manages to give you an excellent understanding of what these novels are going to have in store for you and I really appreciated that. Her reviews are always really great if you’re looking for an overview and some pinpointed opinions. And really, to know what I’m talking about, you’re just gonna have to click on the review and check it out.

“…Jenny Colgan books are the literary equivalent to eating chocolate cake: they give you a lovely warm feeling inside…”

Let’s give Jen some much-deserved support and drop by her blog today. Read a few posts. Maybe comment and like some! And as always, happy reading everyone!

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