7DD559AF-8D22-4D22-B13F-562F1B5D3B2FI think there’s really no question about the fact that this guy was going to end up featured on my blog at some point. The thing about Christopher Paolini that really has stuck with me since I first found his books is the fact that he was fifteen. And this isn’t because it’s amazing that a fifteen year old would right such a good book (though it is pretty cool), but rather because he was sort of an inspiration to my younger self.

197DE67E-2BF7-400E-8C39-7D304C5C671EI always found myself really looking up to Paolini from a young age. Admittedly, I was rather jealous of him.. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized a few things about these books from the fact that they did indeed pull themes from some enormously popular stories, but I don’t think that really takes away a whole lot of the wonders of the books for me. I think a lot of the time the best ideas are the ones that build on ideas of the past, because progress is something that comes from a melding of ideas.

1E670E86-04F5-4D5B-8E85-307D97B4E068At the end of the day, I really love and appreciate the Inheritance series for what it brought to me. And I grew up with it, beginning the series back when I was twelve years old and ending it during my first year of college. It was certainly an interesting dynamic to follow.

I’ll definitely always look back on these books fondly.

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