Trigger warning: rape.

Teenage girl (14-16) lying on bleacherAs far as I’m concerned, the summary for this book was somewhat misleading. I know, I know, some readers nowadays are often more enamored with picking up books based on whether or not they’re gonna find some sort of romantic interest for the main character, but this book is not about the guy who’s fallen in hopelessly in love with this girl. The book is not about a romance and the relationship itself doesn’t really hold much importance at all. As far as I’m concerned, that’s a good thing. Now, don’t get me wrong the romantic interest adds a great deal to this book. It’s filled with all the things that will get you emotional and even excited about a possible relationship. But this story would have stood without it. And the relationship is not what Courtney Summers is writing about.

I adored this book.

It is fascinating in the way it portrays just how messed up we can become as people in the face of a hard-to-deal-with life event. The main character presents herself in a way that is fascinating and brilliant. And even if you hate her, you cannot help but love her. There are so many ways people mess up in their lives, especially after experiencing something traumatic, and Summers hits the nail on the head with her novel.

Not only is her character amazingly realistic, but she takes readers on a journey with her as she faces the struggles of her situation. She is not a terrible person in any respect, and yet it seems as though she could be. She teeters on the edge and can’t deal with the people around her, approaching the world in a rather relatable way to those who can understand her plight.

If you’re looking for a good read about a person who has been thrown into a world where she’s dealing with a rather traumatic experience, I’d suggest you pick this up. It’s worth the read.


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