ebI don’t know how it is now, but back when I was a kid E.B. White was the sort of author that everyone knew about. And I mean, really…who hasn’t read the stories of Stuart Little, Wilbur, and Louis? It’d be a downright travesty if a person hasn’t, really. And of course, E.B. White, while he is mainly known for them has written a great deal more than just children’s stories. I have a lot of love, however, for those books I read as a child and certainly would never dream of losing them.

tosOne day, I imagine I’ll pass on these books to my own children.

cwI think ultimately The Trumpet of the Swan was my favorite one to read and Stuart Little became my ultimate favorite of the movie adaptations. They’re all quite wonderful, in the end, though and if you haven’t read them you should definitely get on that. slI feel like these books work well for adults as well as children and they’re definitely perfect for bedtime stories. I don’t know about everyone else, but one of the best things I ever had at night was when the family would get together and read a chapter from the latest book together.

That was how we read Harry Potter for the first time, actually, and it’s how I hope to read these books with my kids one day.

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