fall 2019 early readers samplerThe Fall 2019 Early Readers Sampler featured three, fairly short children’s stories. The first one, The Great Grizzly Race featured a huge bicycle race in which one of the characters happens to be an unfortunate cheater, Maya Likes the Beach detailed a dog’s day having quite a bit of fun jumping around in the sand by the ocean, and the last book We Like the Summer is a quick book that lightly describes the summertime pictures within it. I always love reading samplers, since they really do a fantastic job of giving you a picture for what the books are going to be and this is my first time reading one for younger readers. Instead of just a portion of a book, you actually get the whole book.

I really didn’t like The Great Grizzly Race. It was an odd story, supported bullying back in order to stop a bully, and just overall wasn’t great. It’s not something I would ever get a kid I know or recommend, but the reading level is definitely appropriate and I did appreciate that there were questions about it included in the back of the book. The artwork was cute, but the story kind of ruined it.

Maya Likes the Beach was a little close to my heart since I brought my puppy to the beach a little while back and he has the most amazing time going swimming and digging around in the sand. I adored the way that the book detailed Maya’s adventure, though I will admit that the artwork wasn’t my favorite. Even so, this is definitely a book that I’m more inclined to recommend.

I’ve never been a non-fiction reader, if I’m being honest. Most of the non-fiction books I’ve picked up are books I haven’t enjoyed. With that said, however, I do really appreciate their usefulness. We Like the Summer isn’t my favorite book and I probably wouldn’t buy it. At the end of the day, I found this one rather boring but I have nothing against it, either. It’s really just not for me.

I was provided a free copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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