07CB06C4-83BA-464F-912E-C0DEF72AF5DBIt’s been a busy weekend for me at times and at others, I have to admit, I’ve simply been overly consumed with a particularly fantastic read which I think no one here could really ever fault me for. But, as always the blogger support feature is very important to me and so here for the first featured review of this week is Esmée @ Ezzie’s Bookshelf.

With a great love of fantasy, Esmée’s books generally fall into this category and I must say she takes some of the most beautiful photos of them, something I personally have never quite managed to master. Then again, she does have a really nice camera.

With so many wonderfully well written reviews, it was difficult to decide upon one to feature and so I decided on one with a really exciting photo that is frankly quite dazzling. And you’ll have to click on the review for Mooncallers: Stars Wake by Leda C. Muir to have a look!

“…the story was so much better than expected. The characters, the world building and the general lore of Amniven…”

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