99037ACB-32FE-46E3-B438-40AC1800F199.pngFinding Gobi is a truly heartwarming story about a young dog adopted by a racer some time after their race together when they meet. I had read the children’s book prior to reading the young reader’s edition and the interesting thing is that Gobi’s story is much darker and much longer than the brightly illustrated book for young kids lets on. And in this, the story is actually a little heartbreaking at times.

The story begins on a positive note with the meeting of the young man, Dion, and the energetic pup, Gobi. They both run together in a long race in sometimes sweltering heat, so much so that Dion eventually leaves Gobi with some of the race officials to ensure that the poor dog does not get heat stroke. And quickly once the race is finished, Dion decides that he wants to adopt Gobi and bring her back to England.

This, unfortunately, is easier said than done.

Readers follow Dion as he raises the money to get through the political mess that will allow him to adopt and transport the dog from one country to another. And as this is happening, Gobi suddenly disappears. The rest of the story follows a wide search and a potential pupnapping until, eventually, a happy ending is reached.

I was kind of blown away by all the bad things that happened in the process of adopting Gobi, one right after another almost in a manner I’d expect to see in a bad novel. It made the story almost difficult to believe at times. I’d be interested to read the third version of Gobi’s story, one meant for adult readers, as I found this one kind of frustrating to read whenever Gobi’s point of view appeared. Unfortunately, her voice was quite annoying. However, I’ll concede that young readers will probably enjoy that bit more than the rest of the story.

I was provided a free copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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