gaia bluesGaia Blues by Gud was a cute but sad story. Which, honestly, I think was kind of the point. This entire book was a visual and silent commentary on pollution and the ways in which humans are destroying the Earth. And it was done pretty well for the most part. Following a man singing and three polar bears who are pulled away from their home as a result of the melting ice caps, this story told only in pictures tries to send a fairly strong message about the problems of pollution.

It’s a quick read, told rather well from a multitude of perspectives. You kind of feel like a fly on the wall at times, watching the disasters take place before you. I do think an understanding for what is going on in this book would be more accessible to a reader a little older, but I could definitely see this book being given to younger children as well so long as their parents are around to explain what the book is actually about.

Overall, I enjoyed Gaia Blues and I would definitely consider getting it for my nieces. It’s important, I think, to introduce children to this problem early on so they do not make the mistakes of so many of us before them. I do think the ending was a bit weird, though it also sends a rather powerful message. It’s somewhat hopeful to see the polar bears building a new home for themselves, but it’s thoroughly devastating to see that they’re building their new home by freezing the trash heaps that we’ve dumped into the ocean.

We’ve clearly got a long way to go in order to clean up the mess we humans have made, and I think this book does an excellent job of letting us know that.

I was provided a free copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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