the windup girlI learned a new word today, thanks to Lex @ Hope and Whispers. Up until this day, I spent my entire life not knowing what a dungaree was. How many of you also learned a new word today? I’m excited to feature Lex’s amazing blog, a fellow book lover like the rest of us who has a mess of books in a room alongside a massive amount of half-written in journals. I definitely can relate to that, though a lot of my journals are also unwritten in since I collect them far too quickly and feel anxious about using them because I want all the journals to keep looking beautiful and nice. I digress.

Today I am featuring Lex’s exceptionally well written review for The Windup Girl by Paolo Bacigalupi, a book with an absolutely intense and wonderful cover and an even more intense and wonderful story. The more I read about this fascinating novel, the more I desperately want to pick up a copy for myself. Admittedly, the story does sound somewhat terrifying in how it takes some of the very real issues within our society that people choose to regularly ignore, spins it on its head, and portrays the future we might very well find ourselves in. It’s terrifying and intriguing all at once. And I deeply look forward to reading this book that I never would have read without having read Lex’s review.

“…set against a backdrop of imbalanced resource distribution and the starving masses, Bacigalupi warns us about a future of scarcity. Moreover, the novel’s introduction of genetically-modified creatures and gene hacking shows exploration (albeit a brief one) of the implications of genetic engineering and biodiversity…”

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2 thoughts on “Hope and Whispers [The Windup Girl] Blogger Support Feature

  1. Thank you for sharing my blog post! I am glad you enjoyed the review.
    It’s a tough book to get into, but with patience it is a very rewarding read – I would recommend it to all sci-fi lovers.

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