The best thing, I think, about reading I Am a Feminist by Monique Polak, in my opinion, is the fact that it touches on the unfortunate truth behind why many people are not feminists, or rather…why many people believe they are not feminists when they actually are. You see, way back when and once upon a time, about eight years ago when I was just starting college I genuinely did not consider myself a feminist. Why? Well, because of the negative connotations that had begun to be associated with the word. My own ignorance played a large role in this, of course, as I didn’t really understand what feminism actually was.

And I feel as though this is a prevalent problem within our society today.

Far more often than is okay, so many people and, even more unfortunately, so many young girls have a bad view of feminism because of the way that others portray it. But the fact of the matter is that when the information is lain out in front of you, discussed logically, and explained…only the bigoted, brainwashed, and sexist can really remain un-feminist. Now, I loved this book. I loved how it was researched, I loved the amount of information and history it provided, and I loved the fact that it discussed intersectionality.

Was it the best feminist book I’ve ever read? Nah.

But it was an amazing start that provides a plethora of information to anyone out there who doesn’t understand feminism. It even provides an opportunity for those who do understand feminism to learn a few things they might not already know. And the truth is that we need so many books like this because not enough people are educated on this matter. There’s so much misinformation going around that I cannot even begin with how frustrating I find the lack of feminism in people who, if they were merely aware of accurate information on the matter, would be feminist.

I will admit that the cover and the title will probably turn away quite a large number of people who need to read this book. And the audience who will find it will likely be those who don’t need to read it as much as the ones who don’t pick it up. But it’s out there and it’s a fantastic source of information for anyone who does manage to get their hands on it. I do hope that it will reach the hands of those who truly need the education on this matter. The fact is that the more people who have access to this information, the better our world will be.

I was provided a free copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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