i like to eat childrenDoes your kid like scary things but they’re still definitely too young to watch all the scary movies that some of their friends are watching? I feel as though I Like to Eat Children by Reagan Rothe is pretty perfect for those kids. Granted, I have a friend who were watching horror movies back when she was only two years old (which I frankly find horrifying, but she loves it and looks back on the memories rather fondly, so there you go). This book has a perfect amount of scary for the kids that actually want to be scared. Of course, with that said, I would say if you have a timid child who doesn’t particularly enjoy feeling scared…I’d probably not read it to them.

I Like to Eat Children is a pretty harmless tale about a monster who, as the title says, enjoys eating kids. He sets off on a journey to find his next meal and eventually determines the best way to get it is to find his way into their bedroom at night. It’s this particular aspect that makes me say, frankly, that a child prone to feeling scared is not the sort of kid you want to read this book to. When it comes to be bedtime, they will get scared. And you definitely don’t want this to be a bedtime story for those kids. That said, I can see some kids really enjoying this book. I can see some finding it hilarious. I can say, hands down, I will be buying it for that friend I mentioned above when she (if) has children of her own.

It’s an adorable little book, really, with a sound resolution to the problem of the monster–though if he doesn’t eat himself some kids, I wonder if he will go hungry?–has some cute and well-done artwork, and generally just was a lot of fun to read. But again, it’s only for children with a specific personality type. Or maybe for kids who are a little older and less likely to believe in the scary monster that just might be coming to eat them.

I was provided a free copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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