join the no-plastic challengeI absolutely loved the message in Join the No-Plastic Challenge by Scot Ritchie. It is never too early to teach children about sustainability and the importance of it, but it can sometimes be too late to teach people. Even I, to this day, struggle to make all the changes that I should in order to be more environmentally friendly in my daily life. It’s always difficult to change when you have habits and crutches you’ve used your entire life.

In this book, Nick challenges himself and his friends to use absolutely no plastic for the entire day of his birthday. They don’t use plastic bags, containers, or bottles for the whole day. Not only that, but this book also teaches facts about plastic throughout from the dangers of it for the environment to the health problems it can cause. I strongly believe that it is incredibly important to introduce children to these facts early on so that they can foster that knowledge as they grow and apply it to their lives.

I did find it a bit odd, though, that they were using reusable bags to gather all the trash on the beach. However, perhaps it’s a bio-degradable bag that has the recycling symbol on it? And I suppose, in the end, like clothing it can all be washed. All in all, this is a great story with a great message that I approve 100%.

I was provided a free copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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