cogheartJenny @ Levicorpvs Blog is from the Philippines and got her start in reading with textbooks. It’s certainly not the typical way, but I find it thoroughly amazing as I still can’t bring myself to be interested in most textbooks these days. I think it’s a wonderful way to garner interest in reading. I completely understand the feeling of having none of your surrounding friends be as into reading as you are (or at least, for me, it’s been that the never seem to like the same kind). It’s been my whole life and it’s what has made this book community so utterly wonderful and I’m glad that Jenny has found that here.

I’m sure that not a single one of you will be surprised that I chose to feature Cogheart by Peter Bunzl once you take a look at the images Jenny’s chosen for her blog. How could a reader fox resist a book with a fox? Not to mention that the fox is mechanical and the novel is very steampunk! I was basically sold from the first few words of Jenny’s review. And, oh my gosh, that fox is so adorable and I strongly encourage all of you to click over right now to read her review and get a glimpse of the gorgeous fox in that picture.

“…talks about bravery, loyalty, and the importance of friendship, as well as the true meaning of a family….”

Take some time out of your day today to browse Levicorpvs Blog. It has a truly beautiful layout and some wonderful books have been reviewed on her site. Jenny definitely deserves some of your support and she’s worth following!

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