cover145234-mediumI’m honestly at the point where I don’t know why I bother with books like this anymore. I guess a part of me wants to be able to give these people the benefit of the doubt, to say that even though I know their inability to look at the world intelligently as they continue to put opinion and belief over provable and testable factual evidenc—which frankly shows their lack critical thinking skills—maybe their belief is not damaging. I want to be able to judge them less and to develop a reasonable understanding so that I can, at the very least, see the good they might be capable of doing.

But books like this one seriously hinder my ability to do that.

I picked this book up because it appeared to be something that would discuss important topics and injustices in our society today only to find that it was basically just a collection of manipulation tactics to shame young women into Christian belief systems and control how they view the world. This book doesn’t aim to support the intellectual pursuits of women, it doesn’t aim to provide them with skills to critically think about their world and make decisions on their own. Instead, it pushes them to very predetermined beliefs and provides underhanded connivance to dominate other people all the while purporting this ludicrous idea that it is helpful and caring.

In calling out these “lies,” Lies Girls Believe asserts its own agenda, proceeding to actually lie to its young and impressionable readers on a number of topics. In a disgusting turn of events, this book subtly attacks the LGBTQ community by arguing that there are only two “very different” genders. And this, unfortunately, is precisely how hate is spread, by teaching innocent children that others are “sinning” for being who they are. And I cannot abide by this nonsense.

The book regularly pushes rather damaging beliefs about how a woman can feel about boys, using cutesy language about how girls should not be too “boy crazy” in an underhanded way of shaming women for wanting to be involved with someone of the opposite sex in any way that does not follow the very explicit and controlling “nothing before marriage” and how women are “made to make babies.” While the book does, fortunately, say that not everyone is “meant to be” a mother, it definitely does seem to imply that such a choice is not a good one.

The fact that this book was written honestly depresses me so much. I feel awful for every young girl who reads it and falls for the nonsense it supports. And I just feel like the more I try to educate myself on the Christian religion, the more disugsted I am by it. Lies Girls Believe is a book of manipulation, control, and shaming. It pushes opinion as fact, which is basically just a giant lie in and of itself. And at the end, I find that’s rather ironic considering the entire basis that the book is supposedly following. It’s very brainwash-y and I cringed the entire time I was reading it. At the end of the day I found it nothing short of deeply disturbing.

Hopefully it wont reach too many impressionable people who have yet to develop the critical thinking skills and intelligence to see it for what it truly is.

I was provided a free copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. 


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