life as we knew itWhen the moon is hit by an asteroid and knocked closer to the Earth, everything in Miranda’s life changes. The world she once knew where she would go to school, was preparing for college, and just living normally is shattered to pieces as devastating climate changes wreak havoc upon the planet and its occupants. In Pennsylvania, Miranda won’t have to worry about the tsunamis that have destroyed much of the coasts, but when volcanic ash coats the sky and hides away the sun, effectively killing all of their plants, it soon becomes a real question of whether or not Miranda and her family will survive.

Honestly, if I hadn’t been gifted Life As We Knew It by Susan Beth Pfeffer I probably wouldn’t have read it. Barring the fact that the science was somewhat unbelievable in a lot of ways–an asteroid that size couldn’t move the moon, the astronomers all wouldn’t be that dumb, the likelihood of all those events happening just because of the moon, and all the astronomers in the world not calculating the possibility–because I can get past that, Life As We Knew It was just so damn boring. I mean, I spent the entirety of my time reading this book just wishing I could be doing something, anything else.

And I’ll give it this; the way that the family lives and reacts to the otherwise apocalyptic world that has resulted because the moon has been bumped closer to earth is realistic. But did it keep my interest? No. Did I enjoy reading it? No. Would I read it again? No. The disasters and the deaths never once got me to feel anything more than the unending boredom I already felt with the majority of the novel.

Then there was the nonsense with Miranda’s two friends. One starved herself in order to give food to a manipulative priest while her mother simply let it happen. The other began a relationship with an older man in order to have him protect her as she traveled which her parents also were surprisingly okay with. Both seemed incredibly nonsensical to me. And then there was the somewhat starving that Miranda, her mother, and her eldest brother did in order to ensure that the youngest child had enough to eat to keep him healthy. I just…why?

Ultimately, I don’t think this is the worst book in existence. But I also just kind of hate it.


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2 thoughts on “Life As We Knew It [Susan Beth Pfeffer]

  1. I read this one ages ago. I did like it a little more than you did, the way for instance illness hit when everyone was already worn out from the long winter. But I definitely didn’t like it enough to read it again or read the next books in the series. Just too implausible.

  2. Aww, I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy this one! I actually really loved it. I like stories about regular people and how they survive terrible situations.

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