love beyond body, space, and timeThe trouble with anthologies is that they’re especially hard to rate due to the fact that, often, there is an inconsistency with the quality of the writing between stories. You regularly find yourself disappointed with some stories while you are amazed with others. Love Beyond Body, Space, and Time by various authors, including Richard Van Camp and David Robertson is no exception to this fact and I left reading it feeling as though some of the stories were pretty amazing while others just weren’t as good. Unfortunately, I do not think the anthology sets off to a great start with the first story as it was incredibly difficult to get into and overall just wasn’t all that well written. And when the first story in an anthology doesn’t manage to capture your readers, it does tend to hurt the rest of the book.

For me, I enjoyed the fact that this was entirely own voices, but I have to admit that I didn’t care for the format. There were some stories that just didn’t interest me while others were amazing. Ultimately, I found myself wishing that these better stories were longer and that the others simply hadn’t been included. I felt tempted to skip various ones that didn’t really grab my attention initially. And while I would say that overall I did enjoy a number of the stories in this anthology, it by no means left any lasting effect on me whatsoever.

Of course, I deeply appreciate the fact that there are more indigenous and LGBTQ voices getting their work out in publishing, but I do feel I would have preferred certain stories as novels. I did find, surprisingly, that despite the fact that this is marketed as a science fiction book, certain stories really didn’t have very many science fiction elements to it. Overall, I feel as though this book has some merits, but ultimately was difficult to get into and difficult to continue.

I was provided a free copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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