cover146637-mediumThere was a lot about Love Spell that I simply didn’t find myself clicking with. On the surface, the book sounded amazing. From the exploration of gender fluidity, to the blossoming romance between Chance and Jasper, and the marvelous inclusion of a Miss Harvest Moon title that Chance so obviously wins. But when you delve a little deeper, the important and depth filled pieces of the story and the characters are frustratingly overshadowed by the most obnoxious “how to get the guy” plot device.

Our main character, Chance, embarks on a manipulative and immature quest to con—more or less—this guy he finds cute into liking him. Not only are the antics utterly juvenile and ridiculous, but Jazz (Jasper) already clearly shows signs of liking Chance, which ultimately makes all of his terrible decisions that much worse.

Chance is a deeply selfish person when it comes down to it, only acting in slightly unselfish ways because he believes it will help him achieve his goal of attaining Jazz’s affections. He remains so focused on this desperate need to follow his plan to get Jazz interested in him and therefore completely ignores the situation this boy he supposedly like has to regularly deal with, practically raising his younger sister as their mother struggles to make ends meet. Chance only ever appears to be surface level compassionate about this as the moment these responsibilities prevent Jazz from calling him, Chance turns into a complete brat.

Frankly, I think Jasper is far too mature for Chance and I’m kind of baffled that he continued to like him.

As for the story, I wish it had focused less on Chancel’s obsession with “getting the guy.” There were so many opportunities for this novel to actually develop into something meaningful, but like Chance it only ever seemed to scratch the surface in favor of a superficial focus. I really wish I had enjoyed the book more as it had such a great start, but in the end I couldn’t bring myself to care about anyone but Jasper and I ultimately found myself rooting for him to find someone better and experience a relationship with someone who had his best interests in mind because they genuinely cared for him and not because they thought he was super cute.

Love Spell didn’t go in the direction I initially thought it would and Chance, though a fascinating character, was just far too self absorbed for me to care about. Hopefully others will find more to appreciate in this novel than I did, especially as it is a fresh take with a truly unique and fun to read character.

I was provided a free copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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