It’s Author Sunday! A weekly post series where I talk about authors and basically gush like crazy about why I love them so much or grumble about why I don’t read their books. It’s more of an opinion piece than anything else and I’m certainly going to include authors I love more than authors I dislike simply because I like supporting the authors I enjoy reading books by.

IMG_0573Today’s author is Markus Zusak!

I was introduced to Zusak, ironically enough, by my boyfriend who had read the book long before I ever got my hands on it. He told me I had to read it and that the main character reminded him of me. Now, to understand the importance of this you have to know that my boyfriend doesn’t read novels. He reads technical manuals on flying and programming. He reads books about mental health, dog training, and politics. He does not read fiction.

Now, show of hands, who has read The Book Thief? I’m sure there are probably a lot of you. IMG_0574It was an amazing book. Set deep in the heart of our world’s history, a truly painful time, and narrated by none other than Death himself, this book got a ton of attention. There was even a movie made from it. I think it was pretty astounding that  my boyfriend had read a book of fiction that I enjoyed as well.

Zusak is a brilliant writer.

Continuing off of that, how many of you have heard of his other books? Have you read I Am the Messenger? IMG_0575How about his first book, The Underdog? I imagine the smattering of hands here is quite a bit less. Which is okay. I mean, there’s nothing wrong with just reading the hyped book of any particular author.

But I will say that Zusak writes some fantastic stories. And if you haven’t read more of his books, I’d definitely recommend giving more of them a try. Settle in for an afternoon and return to his narrations. They’re worth the time.

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