mythosI’ve always been incredibly fond of Greek Mythology, so much to the point that I almost never turn down an opportunity to read one of its many amazing stories. I’ve bought multiple books, requested multiple copies, and borrowed more than I can recall over the years. I wouldn’t say that I’m an expert or anything, but I can say that I’ve loved these stories for an immensely long time. And over the many years that I’ve spent reading each and every piece of mythology that has ever found its way into my hands, I was utterly and completely blown away by this new collection put together by Stephen Fry. In truth, I wasn’t really expecting to fall madly in love with the way Fry tells these stories in Mythos, but somehow it has managed to become my all-time favorite collection of Greek myths, and it really all comes down to the writing style.

Mythos begins with, for lack of a better word, the beginning. And it moves forward through the tales of the Titans, slowly introducing readers into the world and all the stories that fill it. And as you read you become truly immersed in the events of the mythos, traveling from one fantastical story to another and learning so much more than you already knew about the world, more than you realized you would. And the voice of the narrator for this entire book was so utterly engaging and brilliant that I’m certain, at this point, that Mythos is the best collection of Greek Myths that I’ve found up to this point in my life.

There’s really no question about the fact that I’ll be getting myself a copy of this book at some point in the future. I enjoyed the way each story was written and presented so much and ultimately I’ve always wanted a book of Greek Myths that I’d re-read over and over again. Perhaps someday I’ll find another collection that I like even more, but for now, this one’s taken the number one spot as my favorite.

I was provided a free copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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  1. This sounds amazing! I need to go track down a copy. 🙂 I don’t seem to ever get tired of reading and re-reading myths.

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