cover162996-mediumI had a lot of fun reading Nanami: Theater of the Wind by  Éric Corbeyran & Amélie Sarn and illustrated by Nauriel. It wasn’t quite the story I had expected and I definitely feel as though this graphic novel ended far too quickly, but overall it was a fun book to spend my afternoon reading. The thing I’m noticing, ultimately, about a lot of graphic novels I’ve been reading lately is that they seem to tell more of a chapter of a story than the full story, leaving you in a situation where you have to wait for the next one to be available in order to find out what will truly happen in the tale. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as in the case of many just as it was with Nanami, it leaves you wanting to get ahold of the next volume in the series. However, I do think I much prefer the graphic novels that tell a complete story and then follow up later with a sequel that, again, tells a complete story.

Originally written in French, the graphic novel I got my hands on is the first in the Nanami series, entitled The Theater of the Wind. It follows a young girl, bored with life and struggling with school who finds a magical book. She immediately sets out with the intention to return the book to its owner, soon becoming somewhat afraid of it at first as she realizes its powers. When she’s finally able to return the book to the theater and its owner, he offers her the part of the lead in the play he is putting on with a group of kids who tend to stick to themselves from school. But the play written in the book is more than what it seems and soon Namani finds herself projected magically into the world and the role she is playing.

It’s a fantastic premise to a story that I find myself thoroughly intrigued by. I definitely feel like the story ended too quickly and the beginning did take more time than I thought necessary to set up, but overall I had a blast reading it. I’m just a little disappointed that I don’t know enough French at the moment to read the next volume in the series to find out what happens. If I didn’t have so much to read already, I might just go about learning more French so that I can actually read it myself.

I was provided a free copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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  1. This sounds really cute, and I love the artwork on the cover! I hate it when stories end abruptly, though. Even in a series, it’s nice to have a bit of a resolution. Great review!

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