So, I’m having a bit of a dilemma. And I know it’s not something that will be the worst thing in the world to navigate, but it’s something that’s going to annoy the heck out of me during the period of time that I have to wait; I never have been one for patience. And I was just wondering if anyone was aware of the process through which a review embargo or a publisher asking you to wait until within a month of the book’s release to publish a review for an ARC.

You’d think that I would have run into this problem before, but I was a little less aware in the past and have taken efforts to ensure that I follow the guidelines in the NetGalley approval emails I’ve been getting whereas before, if I even bothered to open the email it was only to see which of the fifty books I requested that I’d just gotten approved for.

Anyway, sometimes publishers will ask you to withhold posting a review for a book until the book is released. In this case, I currently have finished two that I cannot post yet. And it’s driving me nuts, not because I have a desperation to write and post a review as quickly as possible, but because the books in particular are from NetGalley and not posting a review, at least on the site, is going to affect my review ratio.

I’ll live, of course, but it’s just irritating enough that I keep looking at it.

So, my question is; what do you all do in this case? Do you withhold posting the review until the specified date and therefore leave your review ratio lower than it actually is? Do you leave a quick comment in the review to say that you’ve written one and it will be posted on date X? Do you post the review on NetGalley only? Something else?

I’m really looking to leave a comment within the review space for the publisher to let them know that, yes, I have finished the book, written the review, and that it is scheduled for a specific date. But I don’t know if that’s okay? And I guess I just wanted to see what everyone else thought.

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6 thoughts on “NetGalley Advice?; Review Embargos and More

  1. I know that Bloomsbury asks most reviews to be posted one month to the publication date and I’ve done that. I try wait until that one month timeline and read that book closer to that time if that makes sense. The only reason I can of why they do that is build more hype around it when it comes out. But I’m not sure…

  2. When this happened to me, I assumed the embargo was only for social media, so posted on NetGalley and scheduled the blog post (with a reminder to cross post to other sites later)

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