the haunted forest tourThe very first second you click over to the homepage of Nico @ Nico Bell Fiction‘s blog, you’re left with an incredibly eerie feeling. And, honestly, it’s what you’d expect from a blog that focuses largely on darker fiction, the sort that fall into the horror and thriller categories. Now, that’s not all that Nico reads, of course, but it does seem to be a rather large theme on her blog and so I would definitely suggest checking her out if that’s the sort of genres that you, too, are interested in. I’ll admit that horror isn’t exactly my genre and I don’t typically end up liking them when I read them, I’m glad to have this opportunity to share a blogger that does with all of you.

You can tell right away from looking a the cover for the book whose review from Nico that I’ve decided to feature today that it’s a creepy story. From the large and hairy hand grasping at the trolley, to the sketchy looking forest, you know there’s going to be quite a large number of scary events going on in this novel. The Haunted Forest Tour by James A. Moore and Jeff Strand is one million percent a novel that I will avoid, but perhaps might work well for someone who loves horror. Now, I will admit that I have some misgivings about featuring a review for this book because it looks as though the women in this story are portrayed poorly and in a sexist manner. I decided, ultimately, that awareness of such problematic pieces in a story is important and, should any of you decide to read it, I imagine that this problematic feature will be called out in subsequent reviews just as Nico called it out. Finally, before I wrap up, there are some children deaths in this book and Nico described it as incredibly gory, so keep that in mind if you’re considering this book.

“…get ready for an insane adventure through the scariest forest on Earth. With an incredible story world and intense plot, The Haunted Forest Tour digs it’s claws into you from the first page until the last….”

Let’s drop by Nico’s blog for a bit today to give her some much deserved support!

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