panda oppositesI think a part of me, going in to read Panda Opposites by Suzi Eszterhas, wanted to believe that this book was going to be a lot more than I already knew it would be. There’s no denying that this was going to be a simple book that teaches your child about opposites alongside some exceedingly cute pictures of some pandas. And that’s exactly what it turned out to be. Which is why I felt kind of silly when I realized I was actually rather disappointed with this book. And why, when I realized that if it were about foxes I’d have given it four stars instead of three, I figured this book is really the sort that caters to those whose favorite animals are pandas.

If I could change one thing about Panda Opposites, it would unquestionably be how long it was. And I’m not saying that a book like this has to be quite long, but rather that if this is the route you’re going you should at least include a few more opposites. You see, this book was an incredibly fast read, even for a children’s book. And with the fact that it was pictures of pandas rather than drawings of pandas showing off opposites left a lot to be desired for me. I wanted more opposites and more interesting ways for the pandas to present them.

Ultimately, there’s a lot of good about Panda Opposites. Do I love it? Of course not. But do I think that children who adore pandas will benefit from having and reading this book? You bet. At the end of the day, I guess I’m just more of a fox person.

I was provided a free copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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