And another Sample Saturday on a Sunday due to my being busy (it was my dad’s birthday this weekend). It will still run until Saturday, May 5th at which point I’ll randomly select someone who has posted a response to be featured here on this blog. Remember, you’ve got to tag me for that otherwise I won’t be able to!

So, simply put, the rules:
  • Read 20%-30% of the sample.
  • Write a blog post in the next week with your honest opinion of the sample.
  • At the end, state whether or not you think you might read the book.
  • Tag this post so I can have a look!
  • Include the rules!

IMG_0422This week’s book is Nevernight by Jay Kristoff. Click here to read the sample.

I was surprised by how much I loved this book, truthfully, as the author’s description comparing it to Harry Potter by calling the school a Hogwarts for Assassins completely threw my interest initially. But, I happened upon it and started reading and fell completely in love. I’ll say I still don’t care for that comparison, though.

Mia Corvere is such a fascinating and wonderful character and this book regularly shocks you as you read it. I don’t personally think it would be for everyone, but I was quite impressed with the writing and the story. I love the shadow cat immensely, too, and the story has only improved with the sequel. I’m looking forward to when the next book comes out! I’ll definitely say that the comparison between sex and murder at the beginning was thoroughly fascinating to me.

Write a blog post letting me know what you thought of the sample and don’t forget to tag me! Happy reading everyone!

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