Author Sunday is a weekly post series that I’ll be doing from now on where every Sunday I pick an author (or you guys suggest one) and spend a bit of time talking about them. I wanted to pick an author that I haven’t actually talked about on this blog yet, but one I really enjoy reading books by.

IMG_0499I found Sarah Dessen back when I was in 8th grade. I believe a friend had recommended her books to me at some point and I eventually ended up buying them in spades. Dessen is very good at the writing she does, managing to capture some beautiful characters within her work. Now, I’ll say this much; her stories all have a very similar path.

Often times they begin with some major change in the main character’s life or something bad having happened (sometimes prior to the start of the novel). Then the girl meets a boy. IMG_0500Slowly, but surely, this girl begins to learn some new things about herself and about growing up as she spends time with the boy and eventually (though the timeline on this is always different) the boy and girl fall in love.

But of course we can’t just have a happily ever after there! So, naturally, in each one of Dessen’s books something always goes wrong shortly after. I think most often whatever it is that goes wrong with the relationship typically has something to do with the girl still being in the process of learning and pulling away for one reason or another, but don’t worry, we all know they’ll patch it up in the end. IMG_0501

Now, a few of her books don’t actually follow this specific pattern, but I’d say it’s a pretty common theme for her.

Now, ironically, some of you are probably thinking then why read more than one of her books in the first place? Well, put plainly, because of the characters. Even if most of her books follow a very cookie cutter plot line, the characters are never the same. I cannot say how many times I’ve completely fallen in love with Dessen’s characters and while the sequence of events may remain extremely similar, the things that they all go through aren’t. One book addresses the death of a parent, another the dangers of abuse in a relationship.

IMG_0502I think the most important thing about Dessen’s novels is that they all help to portray the coming of age struggles that nearly every young girl faces. They may not be the best books in the world, but I believe they’re exceptionally enjoyable and I’ve always appreciated Dessen’s work. I’m proud to have a bunch of her books on my shelf and I imagine I’ll still be buying each new one she comes out with.

How about you guys? Any thoughts? Have you read Sarah Dessen’s books? Do you have a favorite? Mine happens to be This Lullaby.

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