tarotI am torn on Tarot by Marissa Kennerson, not because I think the novel sounds bad in any way but rather because I’m just not all that well versed in Tarot. I don’t understand it, despite having a friend who is quite invested in this sort of thing, and my confusion over how to understand a reimagining of Tarot as a girl is big at play here. I just find the whole thing quite strange and I’m not sure how to reconcile it. The novel, I think, as a whole, actually sounds rather interesting. I do worry, though, as I get the feeling that it might be a fairly simple plot and I’m not one hundred percent sure that such a case would result in a marvelous novel that I was incredibly happy to read. So, in this instance I will say that if you have read this book or even if you have read any previous books by Marissa Kennerson, I’m going to need your help in determining if Tarot ends up on my TBR.

A story about a girl who was born of an affair between the Queen and a rather powerful magician, locked away in a tower until her sixteenth birthday with only a fool, a hermit, and a magician for company. Of course, soon the King begins to feel as though she is developing magical powers and therefore she suddenly has reason to fear for her life. And so she escapes into a world of her own creation, but how long will that truly last?

What do you think about this book? I’m definitely going to need help determining if I want to read this one, so I’m really looking forward to seeing your thoughts! Do you like it? Are you not interested? Please, take some time to let me know in the comments!

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