The Book ThiefI have to admit, it was a happy first for me when I found Nalini @ Nalini Writes. While her blog does have a focus on some amazing reads, Nalini also spends some time to blog about technology and is actually an app developer. I feel as though such a marriage of topics is fairly rare among the book blogging world and I was excited to see the differences within her blog in comparison to others. The genres she reads varies greatly and to see which ones, you should definitely visit her page and check it out.

By this point, I’m sure the majority of the world has heard of The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. This happens to be the first book that Nalini ever reviewed on her blog and I’m excited to be able to share her wonderful review with you all today. An exceptionally cool thing about the way Nalini writes her reviews lies in the fact that the beginning of them legitimately looks like a Wikipedia page. Nalini includes a table of contents with clickable links to each portion of her review. It’s such a clever and inventive way to design your review that I have a feeling I’ll be impressed for months to come.

“…millions of people died during WWII and reading about it from a book, which draws you one step closer to all those people, agitates…”

Please take some of your time today to drop by Nalini’s blog and check out some of her reviews, give her a follow, and show her some support! I promise, you wont regret it!

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