unwindJo @ Book Lovers Blog is a History and Journalism student at Cambridge University, something I can’t help finding thoroughly impressive and amazing. I’ve always wanted to visit Cambridge and I’ve heard wonderful things about the library there. It should come as no surprise that Jo’s main goal with her blog is to influence others to find amazing books worth reading and I believe, with such a wonderful blog, there’s no question that someone has managed to.

I had a lot of fun navigating Book Lovers Blog to find a review to feature today, finding yet another new way of organizing the reviews written, this time linking them all in her drop down menu. I’ve decided, ultimately, to feature Jo’s review for Unwind by Neal Shusterman, an amazing novel that I read as an Undergrad and Jo definitely enjoyed! And if you’ve not clicked over to read her review by now, you really should!

“…a thought provoking, chilling, action packed, incredible read with strong characters…cheerful[ness] which really only serves to remind of the evil beneath the surface…”

Jo has a wonderfully exciting blog with a wide variety of book reviews to choose from. Take some time out of your day today to drop by and give her some love and support!

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