the animal awardsThe Animal Awards by Martin Jenkins and illustrated by Tor Freeman is an adorable children’s book that presents various facts about animals in a rather clever way. Instead of merely offering this educational information, it does so through giving each creature an award for various aspects of their personalities. From the Nifty Tool award to the Shocking award, each animal has something amazing to showcase for the world.

I loved the concept for this book as any entertaining way to provide facts is going to be worthwhile for a child to read. And The Animal Awards does a pretty brilliant job of engaging its readers whilst teaching them. The information was dense, but not so much that it would be daunting to read, which I also appreciated. I know very well how some children can take one look at a book and think that it’s just too much to read.

It also offered the opportunity for adults reading along with children to prompt them to guess at which animals might win each award, something that I personally think will build a lot of entertainment. But this also builds critical thinking skills as well. I even learned a few things from this book that I hadn’t known before, which is always something I’m ecstatic to see in a children’s story. And I loved the fact that it wasn’t always one animal mentioned in each section, but rather other animals were referenced in relation to each award.

The illustrations work well within the book. I imagine they will keep young readers engaged, especially when the majority of the animals are cute to look at. At times they did seem a little too goofy for my taste, but I feel as though the majority of the intended audience will appreciate it.

A book with a wonderful concept for how to present educational information, The Animal Awards is definitely one for the shelves of classrooms and homes. I could certainly see it on the shelves at my work.

I was provided a free copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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  1. Aww this sounds so cute! I’m keen to buy this as a present as it seems quite interactive and fun compared to the usual fact books. Lovely review 💙 Jen

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