the okay witchThe Okay Witch by Emma Steinkellner was more than okay. In fact, it was actually a rather fun and cute book with a bit of an insightful look into the Salem witch hunts. Now, this is definitely more of a kids book and doesn’t really get into a lot of the deeper subjects that surround what went on back in those days, but it still touches base on some aspects of the situation. The story follows a young girl called Moth, someone who generally doesn’t fit in at school and whose best friend really does appear to be her mother, as she comes into her magic and learns all about her both her family’s history and the powers that she was always destined to have and her mother wants to run away from. With the help of an old friend who’s been brought back as a Cat, Moth peruses her mother’s old journal in order to learn the truth of both her magic and her ancestry and the story turns out to be a lot more fascinating than she ever could have realized, for you see…Moth and her mother live in modern times.

When a new boy moves to town, Moth finally manages to make a friend with whom to navigate this crazy new world she’s been introduced to. He manages to help make her experience learning the new changes in her life a little more fun and purposeful. Of course, with the secrets of her mother’s past and the truth behind who her new friend’s father is, not everything in this coming of age story is going to develop smoothly. And when Moth’s mother’s past materializes into something a bit more than a past left behind, everything begins to change.

I really enjoyed reading The Okay Witch. Unlike most graphic novels, this one actually came to a rather satisfying conclusion rather than leaving us with a ridiculous and annoying cliffhanger as we eagerly await to find out what happens next, frustrated that the story ended so quickly and there wasn’t more to it. This one very much felt like a full story, complete with a satisfying character arc and conclusion to the encroaching conflict. It had wonderful characters, an exciting plot, and fantastic artwork. And The Okay Witch is a perfect story for the age group that it’s intended for. I definitely know I would have enjoyed it immensely had I read it at that age.

I will admit that a part of the resolution at the end seemed a bit forced but other than that this was an excellent story that I’m grateful to have gotten a chance to read and would certainly recommend. I don’t know if I’d go out of my way to buy it since I don’t really see myself re-reading the story, but I will definitely keep a look out to see if there are any sequels since I’d love to see what happens next for young Moth and her journey of becoming a witch of the modern world. It’s somewhat Sabrina-eque.

I was provided a free copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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