img_7902I had a rough time with The Revolution of Jack Frost by K. M. Robinson. While, admittedly, the premise sounded pretty fantastic when it came down to the story itself I found that the mere act of getting into the novel alone was massively difficult. I regularly found myself putting off reading this one due to how quickly I got bored with what was going on. I didn’t care for the main characters and frankly found the romance rather dull and irritating. No one ever really stuck out to me as interesting enough to focus on, even Jack who was just strange in a number of ways that didn’t really mesh well with the story I was expecting.

Genesis is exceedingly dumb, and while you can have characters who are less intelligent and have it work within your story, it simply didn’t add up to have Gen act as she does. She is happily ignorant of the implications that come from the way her boyfriend, Jack, is acting and hardly puts any effort into really thinking about what it all means. The dire situation never really seems as harsh as it actually is due to her poor narration and rather leaves me feeling as though they are all not taking anything seriously enough.

The plot, while interesting, is unfortunately something I found myself disliking on a number of levels. First is that it completely deteriorates from the picture I have had all my life for Jack Frost. And while I can see this aspect being something that many enjoy and appreciate, the changes simply weren’t for me. Secondly, the entire situation felt far too similar to The Maze Runner for me. A group of people, primarily children and teenagers, locked away in what seems like an outside world but is actually a giant testing facility to prepare them for the horrors occurring in the real one. And then, of course, Jack’s role in it all was exceedingly close to Thomas’ role in The Maze Runner with a reveal and everything.

All in all, The Revolution of Jack Frost isn’t a terrible book, but it never really seemed like a great book, either. The writing was difficult to get into, there were several instances of information that fell to the wayside until later in the story, and the main character was frankly just quite underdeveloped and irritating. I think this book could be for some people, but it definitely wasn’t for me.

I received a free copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. 


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