the rug bearSometimes requesting books because there’s a fox in it somewhere doesn’t really pan out. Unfortunately, I do think that in the case of The Rug Bear by Emma Rattray, this is what happened. The synopsis describes this book as featuring three friends playing hide and seek–fox, lion, and bear–and bear, whilst hiding, just happens to fall asleep. Now, how in the heck a lion and a fox couldn’t find a giant smelly bear in the woods whilst playing this game is beyond me, but the truth of the matter with this book is that I simply do not get what the purpose of this story could possibly be. I couldn’t find any message within it, nothing interesting for a child to learn. The rhyme scheme, even, was a little off. It just didn’t flow right.

And ultimately, the events of The Rug Bear were really just…dumb? I don’t get it. And I don’t think a kid would get it, which is fine because they likely won’t care as they’re more interested in fun, cute stories. But as for me, I see no merit to a child having this book. And sure, the artwork was well done and cute–which is probably the only reason why I’m rating this book at a two and not a one–but what else about this story stood out? The answer, much to my dismay, is nothing.

I was provided a free copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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One thought on “The Rug Bear [Emma Rattray]

  1. How disappointing! At least the artwork was good. Sometimes I just make up a new story that goes with the pictures if they are cute. Hope your next book is better. Thanks for your honest opinion.❤

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