the trouble with flyingThe trouble with The Trouble with Flying by Rochelle Morgan is that the novel was poorly written. This was a book that I began, knowing without any doubt in my mind, that it was going to be one of those guilty pleasure reads if it was any good. Just the plot itself was one that I don’t typically go for, the overemphasis on a romance and basically lack of any other substance to the story. But the idea of a meet cute on a plane and spending the entire ride talking to someone is a sort of pipe dream fantasy that I have to admit I did once have the first few times I ever rode in one. As a result of this sort of nostalgic adoration for the meet cute idea, I was initially so excited for this book that I even went as far as to start a kindle unlimited trial solely to be able to read it. And my goodness, was this book awful.

I couldn’t even bring myself to finish this book and found myself setting it aside, hoping that somehow I would be able to force myself back into the story of underdeveloped and dull characters in order to actually finish it. But I came to realize that this book largely wasn’t worth my time. It’s poorly written, the characters are caricatures, frustratingly boring, and inconsistent with their predetermined personality template (e.g. Sarah isn’t actually all that shy and introverted). Everything about the story seemed incredibly rushed and lacked any useful development.

Add in the fact that the subject and discussion of god was brought up in the first damn chapter, and this book pretty much sold itself to me as terrible. But of course that wasn’t all that was wrong with the book. It also featured an abusive/controlling boyfriend that she had to eventually get away from and while I can appreciate when this happens for some characters, it was just annoying in this book. But the worst, and most egregious part of it all has to be the fact that every single character is poorly developed and really only exists as a cookie cut out that never actually changes all that much. They’re all supposed to be these things that the author tells us they are, but for me it never managed to add up.

Honestly, I’m kind of baffled that people enjoyed reading this book. At the end of the day, all can say is that it was a terrible disappointment and I’m glad that I didn’t waste any more time on it.


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