the great animal escapadeIt’s the weekend again which means it is now time for another blogger support feature! This week I’d like to show off Lily @ The Whispering of the Pages. Though she doesn’t have an about me page on her blog, Lily has dedicated it more to be a space through which she can showcase the books that she finds amazing. While there are occasionally reviews for lower rated books that she’s read, for the most part, Lily likes to focus this blog on discussing the novels that are more brilliant in her mind.

For this week, the review I decided to feature was Lily’s review for The Great Animal Escapade by Jane Kerr, a story about a former street urchin whose reputation is brought into question when a large number of animals begin escaping from their caged homes. Suddenly he is considered the prime suspect and must clear his name. It was a great pleasure to get a chance to read Lily’s review and definitely worth checking out for yourself.

“…I liked to see how Kerr balanced this line between hiding the unpleasantries of the time period and showing her version of Belle Vue as being on the forefront of animal rights…”

So, take a bit of time out of your day to drop by The Whispering of the Pages. Check out some of Lily’s reviews. Maybe even follow her blog!

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