FE3E3D20-AE47-4184-8257-01A2E2E324C1Unwritten by Tara Gilboy is the book that I wish I had when I was a kid. With the most entertaining middlegrade plot I’ve read all year, this book ranks high on my list of books I’m happy to have read in 2018. A gorgeous cover and a most creative plot give this book two huge reasons to love it. My only disappointment regarding Unwritten is the fact that my niece, at four-years-old, is a little too young for me to buy her a copy.

Featuring a young girl called Gracie who is a character from a story and has escaped the fairytale land of her homeworld because to have her tale play out is to die, Unwritten breaks the mould a little as it presents the question of what if book characters knew their fates and what if they tried to escape them? How much are characters truly the way they are written? Gracie has escaped the evil Queen Cassandra and lives in our world now, but though her mother has told her of the fate she would befall if she were to play out her story, Gracie has never stopped wanting to know the truth of it all. And so, with no answers from her mother, she embarks on a journey to find them for herself.

Unwritten is a fairly simple book with a plot that follows a simple formula, but it truly was impossible to put down. I read it in the span of a few hours and loved every second of it. While some plot points were easy to predict and did not come as a surprise to me—an adult—I imagine it would be an exciting shock to read the twists and turns this novel takes its readers on. I really enjoyed Gracie’s story and you can be sure I’ll be buying it for my niece when she’s old enough.

I was provided a free copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. 


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