cover152973-mediumI absolutely adore What Makes Girls Sick and Tired by Lucille De Pesloüan, though the reasons for which I love this graphic novel are thoroughly upsetting. The book is as it seems, a quick commentary on all the injustices that women face, from those faced by us all to those faced by those of different races and the LGBTQ community. While it’s a pretty fast read, it still manages to touch base on a wide variety of issues that are faced by all sorts of women in the world of today, issues that we are all, in fact, quite sick of.

The unfortunate thing about this book is that I don’t think the people who should be reading it, the sort who would benefit from this commentary are the sort of people who would ever pick it up. There are a lot of things that I related to with this novel, more things that I wish the rest of the world related to or at least understood to some degree. There was a time in my life, due to the unshakable misconceptualizing that comes with living in this society, where I had not considered myself a feminist. I didn’t understand what one was and had been brought up around a rhetoric that led me to believe to be such a thing was bad.

It was only through education that I was able to realize how wrong that view was. Perhaps, if anything, this book can find people who don’t understand and introduce them to a bit more truthfulness about feminism and the awful things women experience. And while I did enjoy reading this graphic novel, I also find myself feeling a little jaded and sad about the things in this world that I am still so sick and tired of.

I was provided a free copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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