Sample Saturday is a little bit late this week (as with most things lately) since I’ve just been busy. This week’s will still run until Saturday, April 28th at which point I’ll randomly select someone who has posted a response to be featured on this blog.


So, simply put, the rules:
  • Read 20%-30% of the sample.
  • Write a blog post in the next week with your honest opinion of the sample.
  • At the end, state whether or not you think you might read the book.
  • Tag this post so I can have a look!
  • Include the rules!

shadowThis week’s book is The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon. Click here to read the sample.

I’ve been in love with this book for a long while, which is amazing considering the fact that I found it in a Mardens where I never would have expected to find such a fantastic story. I’ve always been exceptionally fond of the Cemetary of Forgotten Books and the story that Zafon weaves for his readers. There’s something especially heartbreaking and wonderful about the whole thing. And besides, who can resist a story within a story? This book begins with Daniel and his father, the boy’s subsequent first experience visiting the Cemetary of Forgotten Books and choosing one for himself. And it is nothing short of beautiful.

Write a blog post letting me know what you thought of the sample and don’t forget to tag me! Happy reading everyone!

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