heart and brain body languageSo, it’s nearing the end of December and Yetis are a winter creature…and if you’re looking for a bit of a laugh this week, definitely check out The Awkward Yeti Presents: Heart and Brain Body Language by Nick Seluk. A humorous and immensely relatable comic series, Heart and Brain really gives you the ability to giggle incessantly about some of the most common experiences you have to deal with on a daily basis as a result of the way your body, including largely your heart and your mind, works.

Definitely the sort of book to keep you laughing all the way through and one I am immensely glad to have bought for myself, you can check out my review if you’d like but really you ought to just go add it on Goodreads and grab yourself a copy, especially if you need a bit of a laugh this coming weekend. I know I do.

As always, happy reading to you all!

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