fI generally pick something pretty random for TBT most of the time, simply basing it off whatever I can in a given moment. I had a thought to go back and see what was the first book I marked as read for my Goodreads account. As it stands, I joined Goodreads all the way back in 2012, about a year after I had finished high school and naturally immediately added a bunch of books that I knew I’d already read. A lot of them were classics.
For this reason, the first book I ever marked was Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury. This was one of the very few books from high school that I deeply enjoyed reading and is, in fact, the very book that first began my interest in dystopians. I still love this book today, finding the plot horrifying in the best of ways.

And, even more excitingly, this book is being remade from the 1966 film and I honestly cannot wait for it to come out. It’s got some pretty amazing actors, including Michael B. Jordan and looks phenomenal thus far. If you’ve not read the book, you definitely should and hopefully by then you’ll be ready for the release of the film in May of this year! You can watch the trailer below.

As always, happy reading, everyone!

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