I’ve been debating writing about this for a while, since I wasn’t sure if it was something that I should just ignore or not. But I guess, in the end, I decided that I wanted the opinion of other book bloggers before I make my ultimate decision on the matter as I like to make well thought out decisions in every situation I possibly can.

I had a rather odd experience the other day when an author friended me on Goodreads. This isn’t something bad and generally I am rather excited to friend authors. Usually when I accept a request, I check out the person’s books and see if they read the same things I do but generally I accept all requests and only one one occasion have I unfriended someone.

In this situation, the author in question–who I will not name–added me and then a few hours later both unfollowed me on Twitter (which, truthfully I don’t really care too much about since I’m not a large Twitter presence and I fully support unfollowing if a person doesn’t post the sort of tweets you want to read) and recommended her book to me via Goodreads.

I feel almost as though I wouldn’t have been as off put about the whole situation if the recommendation had not come alongside an unfollow and if the book had been in a genre that I actually read. I enjoy books immensely and I like to help authors out by reading their books. But here’s the thing…I have a review policy. I have links on both my Twitter and Goodreads that lead back to this blog where my review policy is easy to access. This author had two platforms through which to find my review policy and contact information.

And I guess I just felt weird about it all.

As it is, I’ve noticed said author recommend her books to other friends she has as well in the past few days and I’ve debated unfriending her. I don’t read the genre that is being recommended and rarely read books that are similar. I’m most certain very little would convince me to read it. And while I understand that there is a difficulty in getting one’s book out there once it’s been written, this particular form of seeking out, friending, and recommending books was just a odd to me in an almost annoying way.

So, I guess, at the end of it all, I just wanted to throw this question out to other book bloggers. What would you do in this case? How would you feel about it? I know I’ve had this blog for over a year, but it’s not something I started doing seriously until this January, so this is all a bit new to me.

Thanks in advance for any input! ❤️

Happy reading.

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