So, in the past I’ve used my 2019 YA Releases series to basically just offer up a few thoughts of mine on an upcoming young adult novel for this year–though I’m behind now as there are more newly published books than there are days in the year–and, after writing a post scheduled for next month in which I was so in love with the book’s synopsis that I shared it in the bottom of my post, I’ve decided to go back and update all of my scheduled posts (and perhaps even the ones already posted) in order to include the books’ synopses for you all to read in order to help you with your decision on potentially adding it and also eliminating the need for you to click on the Goodreads link every time.

I feel like this will make it simpler in the long run because you’ll know if you’re interested before you click and therefore will spend less time clicking on maybe books that turn into no books after you’ve read the synopsis. At least, that’s how I would think of it if I were reading these posts. Also, I just think generally having the quote box in the post looks nicer, so there you go. That’s all for now; happy reading everyone!

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