I clearly have a problem, but I’m obviously not equipped to deal with it. So, I imagine I’ll just drown in my TBR list and be happy about it. I know I keep saying that I need to calm down with the requests and hold off, but it appears that I have found that I am utterly incapable of such a feat and therefore that’s why you’re about to see quite a large number of new requests in this post today. I suppose it’s just something that I will have to live with and accept at this point. I know it’s quite unlikely that I will ever change unless I ban myself from NetGalley and the fear of missing out makes it difficult for me to do that. So, without further ado…here are the newest requests that I’ve made.

I’m a sucker for hate to love stories. What can I say?

eight will fallI could have sworn I wrote a post about this one recently, but I can’t seem to find it. Anyway, plain and simple is the fact that this book found its way to my TBR because of that utterly gorgeous cover. And the post apocalyptic bit is exciting, too.

the light of the bottom of the worldSimple, we live under the sea now.

the princess who flew with dragonsI was almost good about this one. But that cover really got me. And I just really want to read a story about a princess whose best friend is a dragon that turns into a boy.

if i don't make it, i love you

This is the first nonfiction book today and it’s one that I imagine will be a really rough read. Stories from survivors of school shootings.

one person, no voteA discussion of black voter suppression that I frankly believe everyone should read regardless.

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