I am insanely excitedly to read The Deep above all else. It’s definitely a book I think will be well worth the time spent on it and I can’t wait to dive into it. The second is a graphic novel I requested largely because of the space theme.

The mermaids in this one are descended from the African women who died on slave ships being transported to America. Honestly, this story just sounds beyond brilliant.

A graphic novel where a woman who gave up her life on Earth is brought out of hypersleep many years too early.

Do either of these NetGalley books tempt you to request? Let me know in the comments!

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6 thoughts on “Brilliant Mermaids and Space Images; Recent NetGalley Requests

  1. I just requested the mermaid one, I heard about it somewhere else and meant to request it then as well! I will probably buy it when it comes out if I don’t get the ARC, it just looks that awesome. But tbh, I’ve seen so many sci-fi Afro-futurism books that look awesome and have just flopped lately, so I am hoping that this one is truly amazing!

    1. Same. I don’t think I could pass this one up. It just seems to scream that it will be an amazing read. I get that. Hopefully this one doesn’t flop.

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