My request volume is definitely better than yesterday’s, but it’s still not great. Even so, I’m pretty excited about reading them. Some, admittedly, a bit more than others. The coolest bit is that The Escape Manual for Introverts is a Read Now and I’ve already had the chance to read and finish it. I haven’t written my review just yet, but it was a pretty good read.

some people do
Children’s books about diversity are incredibly important, plain and simple.

the escape manual for introverts
Honestly, if you’re an introvert, you don’t need anything more than that title to know why I requested this.

acting wild
I probably could have done without this one, truthfully, but I was just curious.

dear mr. president
I do feel somewhat awkward about this one since it involves Trump. But, the thing is that I think it will be an insightful look into how one realizes the degree to which his ideas are thoroughly messed up.

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