fake plastic girlIt’s pretty easy to determine rather quickly that Fake Plastic Girl by Zara Lisbon is a murder mystery. The very beginning of the entire synopsis mentions a body within the third sentence. And for that reason alone, I know–also quickly–that this book isn’t for me. There’s also the added mess of an uber gorgeous celebrity and some sort of intense relationship between her and the average girl living across the street. And then, secrets. I well know that there are tons of people out there who enjoy novels like this, they appreciate the thriller portions, the act of determining who the killer was, and figuring out the ultimate answer to the mystery. But I just don’t care at all. I don’t know where the emotional connection for me would be with anything that’s going on in the story. And the characters definitely don’t seem like the kind that I would be immensely interested in reading about, either. I’ve never been much for “glittery” worlds.

Overall, I just don’t think this is the kind of book I’d be interested in.

Celebrity-studded parties that last long into the night. Camera flashes and designer clothes. And a body found floating in the Venice Beach canals.
But let’s start at the beginning.
Justine Childs is your average teenage girl, until the day ex-child-star Eva Kate Kelly moves in across the way. Eva Kate is gorgeous, seductive, and eager to invite Justine into her glittery world. Their relationship intensifies quickly, but there is a lot they aren’t telling each other, and in the midst of the whirlwind, a girl lies dead. Who killed Eva Kate? Justine swears her innocence—and she’d like you to hear her side of the story.

How do you feel about Fake Plastic Girl? Is this a book you could see yourself spending time with? Do you think it’s a book you’d rather not have on your TBR? What are the best and worst things about it so far? Let me know all your thoughts in the comments!

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