in paris with youI have to say, 90% of the reason that this book is on my TBR in the first place is because I entered a Goodreads giveaway. In Paris With You by Clémentine Beauvais isn’t one of those books that I saw and immediately thought I needed to read. It doesn’t have anything exceptional to it that really catches my attention. I don’t even know if I particularly care all that much about the love story. But it’s got a cute cover and I entered the giveaway on a whim–that’s usually what happens with Goodreads giveaways, to tell you the truth–and I figured that I’d only read it if I won. Well, I didn’t win but it’s still on my TBR (partially because I’m too lazy to take it off). So, I don’t know how this book is going to go and I don’t know if I care enough about the characters at all. But I suppose one day we’ll see.

Love stories that are focused on being love stories without much else to it are always hit or miss with me. And it all depends on my mood at the time, the quality of writing, the level of nostalgia it creates. I don’t really see a lot in this book that is going to really make me care. And I could be wrong, but I dunno. This sort of book just doesn’t excite me at all.

How do you feel about this book? Have you added it to your TBR? Is it one you think I’ll enjoy more than I know? Or is it one that’s really just not worth wasting time on? Let me know in the comments!

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2 thoughts on “In Paris With You [Clémentine Beauvais]; 2019 YA Releases

  1. I listened to this one on audiobook and didn’t love it. I know it was written in verse, but I don’t think it came across well on audio. I hope you like it!

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